Why Water Damage Should be Cleaned by Certified Professionals

When faced with water damage to your property, it may seem tempting to tackle the problem yourself, especially if the damage doesn’t seem too extensive. However, calling in a certified professional is in many cases the smarter and safer way to handle the job ahead of you.

There are many reasons why water damage should only be cleaned by certified professionals. Certified water damage restoration professionals have the experience, knowledge and access to the right supplies and equipment to complete your water damage restoration job efficiently while taking into consideration the potential health and safety hazards involved.

Health and Safety

One of the primary reasons why it’s important to hire a certified professional to clean up water damage is due to the potential health and safety risks. Certified professionals are able to assess the damage and determine the level of possible contamination involved, particularly if grey or black water are what have caused the damage.

Certified professionals can address any microbial growth or areas of the property that may contain pathogens or mold that are harmful to human health. Using special cleaning techniques, certified professionals can eradicate these health hazards.


Another important reason to consider hiring the help of trained professionals to clean up water damage is the level of efficiency in their work. Since they are trained and experienced, these water damage restoration professionals can work quickly to assess damage and implement an appropriate restoration plan. They can work much quicker and more efficiently than someone who is not trained in the field.

Knowledge of Restoration Techniques

Certified professionals know what to look for beyond what a typical property owner may think of. A trained technician will use professional surveying, inspection and assessment techniques to understand the full scope of damage and potential future damage too. By checking for damage in hidden spots like behind drywall and within the carpeting, certified professionals will ensure that the whole job is complete.

Access to Supplies

One of the obvious reasons to choose a certified professional for water damage restoration is of course for their access to the appropriate supplies and equipment. Certified professionals know exactly the right types of equipment to use for each different scenario.

From special heaters to dehumidifiers to moisture meters, water damage restoration professionals have the right tools to ensure a job well done.

Proper Disposal of Damaged Materials

Finally, water damage technicians will also be able to determine which materials are salvageable and reusable and which ones are too damaged to be saved. Materials such as carpeting, baseboards, casings, drywall portions and plywood or particle board typically need to be disposed of as they cannot survive the moisture. Certified technicians will be able to dispose of these materials so you don’t have to.

Certified water damage professionals have the knowledge, experience, tools and techniques to ensure that your property is restored as efficiently and safely as possible. If you’re in need of a professional you can search through or list of restoration companies near you.

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