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Water damage is unpredictable. Your water damage restoration company shouldn’t be. Water Damage Advisor™ can connect you with trustworthy, experienced and certified home restoration experts near you.

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Emergency Restoration Services

Water Damage Advisor is an educational resource providing critical information to property owners and occupants on the following types of restoration options. When you’re facing an emergency in your home or place of business, there are a number of critical services available to help you.

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If your home or property is damaged, you need trustworthy professionals by your side. The Water Damage Advisor network provides essential resources and connects you with the nation’s best property damage experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are answering some frequently asked questions from our over 100,000 users since we launched in 2016.


Are there additional resources available for visitors who need more information?

We include links to many groups who we deem to be reliable and respected. Our goal is to be able to provide the best experience and connections to top contractors, all in one place!

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Is Water Damage Advisor a contractor or remediation company?

Water Damage Advisor is not a remediation company and was created to provide education for individuals and families afflicted by different types of property damage.

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Can I trust the information found on your websites?

We work hard researching the information found on this website using trusted sources and we also collaborate with industry professionals to ensure the highest quality.

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