Broken and Damaged Pipes

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When people think of water damage, they think of broken pipes. Depending on what part of the country you live in, broken pipes can stem from many reasons.

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Causes of Broken Pipes

broken-and-damaged-pipesDown in Florida, it may be caused by a rainstorm that the roof just couldn’t support anymore. Up north in New York, the pipes may have frozen over and burst. Out in California, it is possible that an earthquake caused them to crack. Whatever the reason is, broken pipes are a huge problem.

Changes in pressure over time can cause the pipes to break, leak, and subsequently damage your valuables. Your furniture, appliances, carpets, rugs, and even clothes can all be damaged in a broken pipe accident. Small leaks can go unnoticed for long periods of time, therefore causing more serious deterioration.

Unfortunately, in many cases pipes may become damaged and broken simply due to age.

Whenever you’re dealing with any kind of water damage, the best thing you can do is locate the problem quickly. The sooner the leak is detected, the easier it may be to save your possessions. By starting the clean-up process as soon as possible, you can help save furniture, carpets, rugs, clothes and other valuables.

Can I Prevent Pipes From Breaking?

Oftentimes, by taking necessary precautions, you can prevent the event from happening altogether. Try to keep an eye on the pipes in your home or business before and after a freeze or storm. By being proactive, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress.

One option you may want to invest in is an alarm system that detects moisture. A flood sensor will sound the alarm when it is covered in water, therefore letting you know almost immediately that there is an issue. Also, it is always a good idea to have a game plan in place.

Steps You Can Take

Remember, even with taking the proper precautions, you can’t control mother nature causing massive storm damage to your property. Or, if your upstairs neighbor’s pipes burst and it causes a leak in YOUR ceiling, which subsequently drips down the back of your walls.

You certainly do not get to decide when your air conditioner malfunctions and is not able to detect the shut-off valve, which then allows the standing water in your carpets and baseboards to cause mold and bacteria to grow.

However, these things can happen, and there are water damage professionals that can help you when you need it most. But, being aware of your pipes’ conditions as well as what is normal and not in your home, will certainly keep you ahead of the game.

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