The Dangers Of Mold : 5 Tips and Tricks you need to know

Most people think mold is just something in your house that looks nasty in the bathroom. But before you know the dangers of mold you should have an idea of what exactly mold is. Mold belongs to the fungi family.

This nasty element can thrive almost anywhere. Believe it or not, mold is present almost everywhere. Recent studies performed have shown that over 50 percent of homes and businesses have moisture present which is a prime harvesting spot for mold. Below we have compiled 5 tips and tricks to detect if mold has entered your home or business.

1. Always be on the lookout

Look for visible signs of mold growth such as fuzzy-like specimens colored gray, white, black, or green. Some types of mold aren’t as dangerous as others, black mold is by far the most dangerous mold and one should you most certainly be aware of.

2. Home Mold Test Kits

Home Depot and Lowe’s have do-it-yourself mold kits that are designed to find any presence of mold in your home. As some molds are hard to identify, these kits are proven to ensure safety in both your home or business.

3. Winter Mist

As the season’s change and rain mixes with colder temperatures, there is an excess of moisture. This extra amount of moisture can open the door to fungal growth which thrives in damp areas.

4. Use the sense of smell

Be on the lookout for an ammonia scent, although this doesn’t occur with all types of molds any unfamiliar or musty smells in the house could mean that mold has surfaced.

5. Basement Flooding

People living up north this can be a huge problem for you! If you find your basement flooding from time to time, this could be a huge red flag that your home could be suffering from mold infestation. Any water discoloration or mustiness are huge indicators that mold has begun to take over.

Still Uncertain?

Sometimes mold may have the upper hand in your home. That is why our mold experts here at water damage advisor are here to eliminate all mold infestations that may occur in your home or business. We are here not only as your advisor, but your friends dedicated to providing information and resources to ensure a safe and happy home! Contact Water Damage Advisor today if you have any questions.

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