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If your home or business has suffered sewage damage, then you need to get in touch with an expert who can help. They will learn about your unique situation and offer suggestions on the best next steps to get your home back in order.

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How Does Water Damage Advisor Help?

Calling Water Damage Advisor instantly connects you with professionals who can help your sewage cleanup issues I Our mission is to provide good resources, information and support to those in need when they need help and when seconds matter.

Our network of pros can help you clean up your home, and some common causes of sewage issues are:

Overloaded Sewage System

You might first notice a sewer backup in your basement or some overflow and flooding. This could be from combined pipelines, meaning that your stormwater and raw sewage are flowing into the same pipe. This type of system puts your home at risk for overloaded pipelines, resulting in a sewage backup. Sewage systems can also overload after heavy rains.

Aging Sewage System

Additionally, aging sewer systems are often considered a ticking time bomb. With increases in population and the need to update wastewater infrastructure escalates, more sewer backups and spills are bound to occur.

Compromised Sewage Lines

Tree roots also force their way into sewer line cracks because of the oxygen, moisture and nutrients they find there, causing blockages and severe damage.

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